Asphalt Crack Filling

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Routing & Hot Pour Sealant

Economy Paving Ltd. has completed various parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, streets and airports with a specially designed hot rubberized crack filling material. The crack sealant product is produced by Deery American Corporation. We provide the specific product to suit the needs of your road or parking lot being rehabilitated.

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Hot Pour
Crack Filling

It is possible to use multiple maintenance services/products to most effectively tackle the specific necessity of the differing levels of any road or parking lot deterioration . Through trial and area we have determined that Hot Pour Cracksealing with Routing is the best possible solution with the option of Asphalt Slurry Sealing roads that are very damaged. We have used both Hot and Cold pour materials and would suggest Hot Pour as the more effective solution because of 2 reasons.

  • Hot Pour Cracksealer, once cured, has more elasticity the Cold Pour Cracksealer and is able to keep a crack sealed more effectively without splitting as the crack expands and contracts in our climate.
  • ​When the polymer-rubberized material is heated it more effectively penetrates the crack and fills the full extent of the void, creating a better bond with no gaps and no water penetration.

​Crack filling is critical to maintaining the longevity of your asphalt surface . Water penetration is a major factor in controlling the length of your pavement’s useful life. Water penetrates through cracks and reaches the base, thus weakening the support of your asphalt pavement surface. Proper crack filling and sealing installation technique is critical. There are multiple material placement methods for crack sealants. Specifically, a deep reservoir and recess method is usually recommended where cracks are routed using a power router and material is placed in the ground crack. These extra steps along with the proper product will be the difference between a long lasting seal job and a band-aid seal job that is porous after a few months.

Deery provides a number of varying products that we maximize on the needs of our projects, which will depend on the pavement structure, the amount of traffic, and the severity of deterioration. DEERY 102 is the product we use municipal and rural roadways. It is specifically designed with higher elasticity to withstand faster more voluminous traffic. It is also designed to withstand harsh winters and expand/contract with the asphalt as the temperature changes. DEERY 115 is a product that is specifically designed to be used on parking lots. It still is able to withstand harsh winters, but is a bit less elastic and harder to suit the slow moving traffic in parking lots/driveways.

Routing &

Routing of the cracks is highly recommended along with this application. Routing is the act of routing out the crack roughly 20mm x 20mm. This helps cleanly open the crack to allow for more hot pour material to be used to fully fill the void creating a much better seal and longer lasting product. When the crack is routed it also helps eliminate cracks from turning into spider cracks that begin branching off un-maintained voids with the clean edges created from routing. Sometimes if the crack is not routed the cracksealer used will not penetrate the void fully and with the product not fully penetrated the crack may open sooner than desired.

All cracks are abrasively blown out with compressed air or a backpack blower prior to sealing.

Our Workmanship & Commitment

Our workmanship reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail. We finish on time and within budget. All paving jobs include a minimum one-year guarantee on the workmanship. We are dedicated to providing quality services. We seek to create and maintain strong relationships with our clients through stringent quality control standards and friendly, dependable customer service.

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