Asphalt Overlaying and Resurfacing

Economy Paving Ltd. provides asphalt overlaying/resurfacing services for commercial, residential, and municipal projects of all sizes. Including driveways, pathways, parking lots, and roadways. Resurfacing a problematic area involves the placement of Hot Asphalt over one or more existing surfaces of asphalt. This is done to renew the driving surface and extend the life of your original investment.

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Site Preparation

When preparing the existing asphalt surface for the new overlay, the pavement must be cleaned. The area must be swept or blown completely clean in order to supply SS-1 tac coat adhesive to the area. The tac coat will ensure that the new asphalt will stick and adhere to the older existing asphalt.

If the pavement is uneven or badly deteriorated a level course may be used to even out the surface to ensure the final overlay surface is uniform, has the correct elevation, proper water drainage, and adequate thickness is installed. In the case that the existing asphalt is even, the pavement will generally only need one layer of Hot Asphalt overlay. Asphalt overlays are generally 1.5-2 inches thick compacted. The correct materials and equipment will be used to ensure the quality of the resurfacing and re-establish stability and longevity to your driveway / parking lot.

Overlay Projects

Economy Paving has completed many successful overlay projects including: parking lots, pathways, roadways, driveways, and more. We serve residential clients with small to large driveways and can handle large commercial asphalt paving jobs from strip malls to major distribution centres. A site visit is always necessary to determine the proper recommendations. Asphalt overlaying is an excellent service to re-establish stability and longevity when asphalt has aged and is begining to show the signs of deterioration including: pitting, becoming rough, slight cracking, settling, and oxidizing (becoming more grey in colour). When the asphalt deteriorates past the point of no return: major cracking and breaking down, more extensive rehabilitation of the asphalt may be needed. Sometimes there may only be few areas in an asphalt surface that may need this treatment. However, some surfaces have too much deterioration in the majority of its structure and will need a full rehabilitation.

In the case of parking lot repairs, we remove and dispose of the old asphalt from the areas in need of repair, inspect the sub-base for soft spots and if any, excavate and remove material to create a new base with 20mm crushed road granular, compacted with a heavy duty vibrating compacting roller. In some cases we may have to build sub-base areas with gravel. We also inspect all catch basins & manholes and replace any rings that are damaged. Once the sub-base is ready for paving, we will do a final grade inspection and compaction. We will then complete the Asphalt Resurfacing within the proper specifications for the project. Once the asphalt has a chance to cool down, we then give it the final proof roll with heavy duty vibrating road rollers to insure a good compaction ratio.

If full rehabilitation is needed we will excavate, remove, and replace materials in the suitable manner to meet all engineer recommendations and client satisfaction. Please visit the Excavation & Granular and Asphalt Paving pages for more details on these procedures.

Our Workmanship & Commitment

Our workmanship reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail. We finish on time and within budget. All paving jobs include a minimum one-year guarantee on the workmanship. We are dedicated to providing quality services. We seek to create and maintain strong relationships with our clients through stringent quality control standards and friendly, dependable customer service.

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