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Parking Lots, Laneways, Sidewalks

Economy Paving Ltd. has successfully contracted to a number of different satisfied customers for all inclusive snow removal services. Currently, Economy Paving Ltd. has completed 3 years of a multi-year contract from CPS (Calgary Police Services) to service their districts (13 sites). Over the years we have serviced malls, community centres, commercial properties, and multiple franchises.

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Snow Removal

Snow Removal consists of the act of plowing/sweeping snow from parking lots, laneways, stalls, sidewalks, and pathways. We have the ability to move large amounts of snow with graders or medium amounts of snow with multiple plow trucks, removing the snow down to asphalt. We also employ multiple tandem trucks to haul away and deliver snow if the project requires.

We place qualified people on salary through the entire winter season to address any and all snow removal requirements when immediately required.


Sanding is an important aspect of the snow removal process and creates positive traction control for vehicles on the recently cleared or icy roadway/parking lot. We use sanding trucks to place pickle sand, which is a mixture of salt and sand material. We always use more than adequete amounts to ensure the surface provides traction. In Alberta there can be many periods of freeze/thaw throughout the winter, which require consistant application of sand/salt.


Sidewalks and Pathways take a very strong focus on monitoring the ice/snow conditions and acting with immediate response time. We use a number of tools to effectively remove snow and ice from these walkways which includes: backpack blowers, shovels, scrapers, and sweepers. Typically the snow is cleared from the walkway and immediately after we place adequate amounts of a non corrosive ice-melt mixture. The ice-melt we provide is effective in temperatures up to -40 °C and it effectively removes/prevents ice build up, while providing great traction for foot paths.

Our Workmanship & Commitment

Our workmanship reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail. We finish on time and within budget. All paving jobs include a minimum one-year guarantee on the workmanship. We are dedicated to providing quality services. We seek to create and maintain strong relationships with our clients through stringent quality control standards and friendly, dependable customer service.

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