Trying to decide between concrete and asphalt for your next paving project? Both materials offer advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Here’s a look at asphalt versus concrete paving to help you decide.

The Climate for Calgary Paving

One factor that’s often overlooked when choosing a paving material is the climate. Asphalt is a better choice for areas with cold, harsh winters because it isn’t affected by cold and doesn’t break down from salt. This results in fewer asphalt repairs in Calgary. Concrete, on the other hand, deteriorates more quickly with salt use and as it expands and contracts with freeze/thaw cycles. Asphalt also helps snow and ice melt more quickly because it absorbs more heat from the sun. In warmer climates, concrete is a better choice. In areas with hot summer temperatures asphalt can get very hot; it also softens and gets oily in high temperatures.

The Environmental Impact of Asphalt Paving Companies in Calgary

Asphalt is considered an environmentally-friendly paving material because it is recyclable. Grinding up asphalt makes it usable again. Certain kinds of asphalt from asphalt paving companies in Calgary are also porous enough that water can percolate through them to the soil below.

The Ease of Installation and Asphalt Repairs in Calgary

Asphalt is faster and easier to install than concrete, and it usually costs less. Preventative maintenance is a little more involved with asphalt, but this helps it last and look like new longer. Asphalt repairs in Calgary are usually easier than concrete repairs because only the top layer needs to be repaved.


There are a number of things to consider when choosing a paving material. The above information can help you decide whether asphalt or concrete is right for you but talk with asphalt paving companies in Calgary if you still have questions.


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