Asphalt is an attractive and affordable option for paving driveways, parking lots, and more. Sometimes, however, it develops cracks and other premature deterioration. If you have or are considering asphalt paving, you may wonder where these cracks come from and what you can do about them. Here’s a look at what causes cracked asphalt:

4 Things That Make Cracked Asphalt

– Moisture Damage

Water is one of the main culprits behind asphalt repairs in Calgary. It attacks from below by washing away the sand and gravel base as well as from above by working its way into any little crevice and exerting pressure. This is particularly problematic during winter when the water freezes and thaws in those spaces, causing them to expand.

– Sun Damage Contributes to Cracked Asphalt

As the sun beats down, it creates heat and breaks up the substances in asphalt. It also dries up the surface which causes the asphalt to deteriorate more quickly and require asphalt repairs in Calgary. As the sun weakens the asphalt, normal conditions like vehicle and foot traffic can cause cracking.

– Ground Movements Lead to Asphalt Damage

The ground shifts all the time as conditions change. An asphalt paving company installs asphalt on a bed of gravel. As the ground shifts, the gravel also shifts and puts pressure on the asphalt above. This often causes cracks to appear.

– Older Asphalt is More Prone to Cracking

Age is also a factor because cracks are more common in older asphalt. This is partly due to longer exposure to the above factors and partly because asphalt loses flexibility as it ages, which increases the need for asphalt repairs in Calgary.

Although you can’t avoid these factors, proper maintenance by a Calgary asphalt paving company helps asphalt withstand the assault. Sealing and prompt repairs helps minimize cracking and help your asphalt last longer.

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