Asphalt is a durable paving material that requires little maintenance, but it eventually breaks down over time just like any material exposed to natural eroding elements. Thankfully, you can take steps to help prevent this. Check out these tips for protecting your asphalt driveway from erosion.

Cracked road on asphalt close up

Drive With Care on Asphalt Driveways

Your asphalt driveway takes a lot of abuse from vehicle traffic. Driving slowly and carefully as you pull in and out of the driveway helps minimize wear and tear. Pulling in and out too quickly can cause substantial damage.

Direct Water Away from Asphalt Driveways

The biggest cause of driveway erosion is water, so keeping water away from your asphalt driveway is key. Direct downspouts so they send water to other areas of your yard, and keep rain gutters clean and free of debris so that they function properly. Pay attention to the way your lawn slopes; if water from the lawn runs onto the driveway, take steps to direct it elsewhere. You can install drainage pipes or buffers or add a decorative border around the edge of the driveway by asking an asphalt paving company

Fill Small Cracks and Potholes with Asphalt Paving Companies

Cracks and potholes make driveways more vulnerable to erosion. Water can work its way inside even the smallest cracks and break down the asphalt. It also flows over the surface of cracks and potholes, tearing away at them and making them worse. Repairing cracks promptly is the best way to prevent further damage. Homeowners often repair minor cracks on their own, but always contact an asphalt paving company if you aren’t comfortable with the asphalt repairs. For potholes and larger cracks, hire an asphalt paving company to perform repairs before the damage gets worse.

Follow these tips to help protect your driveway from erosion, and contact an asphalt paving company promptly if the asphalt needs repairs.