Is hiring paving companies in Calgary necessary for resurfacing?

Asphalt driveway repair is necessary to protect your vehicle’s state and is just one of the many services that the best driveway repair companies can provide. If you’re thinking about fixing your driveway on your own, or maybe you’ve already started, it’s important to know why hiring paving companies in Calgary instead of doing it yourself might be the best idea.

Listed are the various reasons you should hire a company to fix your driveway instead of trying to do it yourself.


One of the main reasons you should hire a company to repair your asphalt driveway is that you won’t be able to work safely without the proper equipment and training. Researching how to fix an asphalt driveway will give you a step-by-step guideline on how to do it, but it will take time to acquire the proper tools and materials. It would help if you also had safety equipment during the process to prevent any injuries.


You need the experience to get the job done, and you also have to know how to make the asphalt last longer. Common sense will tell you that if you’re using a less durable material or not using the right tools, it’s easier for your driveway to break down, and there will be more cracks or damage. You may end up having to fix it again in a few years.


Time should be an important factor if you’re trying to save money. It takes longer to do the job on your own than if you hired someone else. This is because they have the tools, experience and knowledge that help them get the work done faster. Most companies will also be able to work around your schedule as well since most of them offer 24/7 services.


Depending on the type of work you want to be done, a professional will be able to provide you with a more accurate cost than if you tried to do it yourself. You can save money by getting the job done by professional contractors instead of trying to do it yourself. Hiring a company can also help prevent the occurrence of theft because most companies will have their own tools and materials for each specific area, preventing others from stealing their equipment.


If you’re trying to repair your asphalt driveway on your own, you’ll need to know the different types of asphalt available to you and the needed materials and tools. Hiring a company will also ensure that they have the knowledge that is needed in order for their professionals to do great work. They will ensure that repairs are made correctly with all necessary materials and tools.


Most paving companies in Calgary offer guarantees in case anything goes wrong while they’re doing their job. They’ll also ensure that the job is done right first to avoid any future issues. If you try to do the job independently and there are still problems, you’ll have to fix them yourself.

Repairing an asphalt driveway is not something you should do on your own because it doesn’t just require experience; it also requires safety equipment and tools that you may not have. If you’re planning on doing this yourself, you need to be prepared and make sure that you do it properly.

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Most experts agree that the first-world west is only enjoying its status today as an advanced society due to one factor above all others: The Industrial Revolution. No one disputes this. However, what many people overlook with a nation like Canada’s industrialization is what really made it happen. Trucks weren’t delivering goods without roads, so the paving had to come first. There is perhaps no more important part in modern infrastructure than paved roads.

 All sorts of things still need to be paved today, and there are many out there right now looking for the best asphalt paving companies in Calgary, to address their particular needs. Though it’s not only important to find a quality company whose professionalism ensures a solid, long-lasting job; it’s also important in these economic times to find something that’s affordable. So, let’s talk a bit about how much paving jobs typically cost. 

Asphalt Paving Calgary

What You Can Expect to Pay for Asphalt Paving In Calgary

 To get right down to it, the average asphalt paving costs in Calgary run from $4 to $7 (CAD) per square meter. This is generally the cost of having the asphalt laid down, pressed and smoothed with a roller, and then sealed. However, these are just average costs and generally include jobs that only require paving. 

 What we mean here, for instance, is that if old paving has to be torn up, or there needs to be any sort of special grading, these costs are going to be factored in, and it’s going to go beyond that average price for square meter of paving materials. The paving alone can be a very labor intensive job, as people have to shovel and rake the hot substance before it’s rolled into place. Add onto that further preparation and/or demolition, and the price can begin to get pretty steep. 

 With the best asphalt paving companies in Calgary has to offer, however, the good news is that their rates are still very competitive, so there’s no worrying about hidden charges or obscene gouging rates. They will offer you a free quote, so you’ll never be taken by surprise. Just use the average square meter rates to help you understand how to budget. 

Types of Asphalt Paving in Calgary Jobs 

 Paving costs may also depend on the sort of work you need done. Some people need driveway sealing jobs, while some small businesses might want their parking lots paved. There are all sorts of jobs, and each one will carry with it a different cost. 

 The best thing you can do is to find a reputable service and to get a quote on a potential job.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected].

Asphalt is a very common surface for roads. Its distinctive black surface is memorable for most people. However, while everyone can recognize asphalt, most of them do not really know what it is. Asphalt is specifically designed as a paving material, and it is made from a mixture of cement, sand and crushed rock. The mixture is heated. While it is still steaming, it is poured out for its intended use in roads and infrastructure. There are many reasons why asphalt is the perfect choice for such uses.

Asphalt Is One Of The Safest Options For Paving In Calgary

One reason why asphalt is ideal for Calgary paving is safety. When set properly, asphalt surfaces are incredibly smooth. This means that the road’s surface is perfect for driving. On asphalt, the wheels enjoy superior contact with the road. This gives cars more maneuverability while on the road with less risk of losing control. Moreover, specially prepared asphalt can also be safer during rainstorms. The smooth surface minimizes the spray of water during wet weather. This means that asphalt roadways provide added safety in dangerous weather conditions.

Road Paving Construction on Residential Street

Asphalt Is A Very Affordable Choice For Building

Another reason asphalt is preferred for Calgary paving is cost. The cost of maintaining roads and infrastructure is significant. It is also a continual expense. Infrastructure is constantly being used, which means that repairs and updates are ongoing. With this kind of cost, it is important to select materials that can save money. Asphalt can offer this kind of savings. Compared to pure concrete, asphalt is significantly cheaper. Asphalt is also easier to use for small fixes and repairs. This means that asphalt can be used to patch roadways, which can give the road more time before major renovations must be done.

Asphalt Is A Good Choice For The Environment

Another way asphalt can improve roads and infrastructure is through its sustainability. Asphalt is environmentally friendly. This is mostly due to the fact that it is a sustainable building material. In fact, asphalt production even relies heavily on recycling, which means that old asphalt can be transformed into new road materials. Asphalt also helps cars operate more efficiently. Because asphalt produces a smooth surface, cars experience less friction while driving. This gives them better mileage, which can reduce their overall energy consumption. Clearly, asphalt is an excellent option for sustainable, efficient paving and infrastructure in Calgary.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected].

The winter season can cause a lot of damage to your asphalt pavement. The problem is caused by the freeze and thaw cycle which expands the surface of the asphalt. To prevent costly repaving projects, here are some tips to protect your asphalt.

1. Fill Any Cracks and Potholes

The snow and ice that melts can get into the cracks and potholes in your asphalt. When the water freezes, it can make the cracks and potholes worse. To prevent this from happening altogether, you want to hire an asphalt paving company to repair the damage to your asphalt. It’s a simple fix that prevents extensive damage.

2. Add Seal Coating for Protection

Seal coating is best done during the spring or summer. But if there are a few days available where there will be plenty of warm sunlight and no rain, then you still have the opportunity to add seal coating. This adds another layer of protection for your asphalt. Make sure you read the instructions to see what conditions the sealant needs to be used under.


3. Clear Out Debris

It’s important to clear our debris on a regular basis. It’s especially important right before a snowstorm. The reason why is because debris can get stuck on your asphalt as the temperatures fluctuate. This creates imperfections and cracks throughout the process. If you’ve cleared everything out in the morning, it also helps to double-check before nighttime. The reason why is because wind can often blow debris back on to your asphalt.

4. Clear Out the Snow

If you hired an asphalt paving company for professional repairs, then it only makes sense to hire a professional to remove the snow. If you need to clear out snow in a place of business, you want to hire a snow removal company that is professional. They should take proper measures to minimize damage. Many companies end up scraping up the asphalt which causes excess damage.

5. Use the Right De-icing Product

Your first instinct might be to use de-icer to help you clear out the snow. However, many de-icing products contain chemicals that can damage your asphalt over time. Make sure that you look for de-icers specifically for driveways. They do not contain the same harmful chemicals as regular de-icing products.

The bottom line is that if you want to extend the life of your asphalt, you need to take the right measures to protect your asphalt in the winter. This is when your asphalt is the most vulnerable.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected].