Every project begins with a first step, and the first step for many projects is excavation. What is excavation and why is it important? Here’s what you need to know about excavation in Calgary.

What is Excavation in Calgary?

Excavation is a broad term that covers a number of activities related to site preparation. It includes digging trenches, grading, removing debris or soil, and other tasks involved in managing the soil at a demolition or a construction site. A paving company in Calgary often uses bulldozers, backhoes, and other heavy equipment for excavation.

What Does a Paving Company in Calgary do First?

An assessment phase starts the excavation process. During this phase, a paving company in Calgary examines the area, determines the boundaries, and creates a plan for excavation.

Kinds of Excavation

Just as excavation can involve a number of activities, it can also be performed in a number of ways. The kind of excavation required for a specific project depends on the needs of the project; preparing a site for asphalt services requires different excavation methods than preparing a site for a swimming pool. Removing rocks or soil is a common part of the process, but you may also need trenches dug or require a vacuum excavation with powerful suction tubes.

Excavation Creates a Strong Foundation

Asphalt services, new buildings, and other construction projects rely on excavation in Calgary to establish a strong foundation. The integrity and quality of the final product depend in part on the excellence of the excavation and site preparation.

What Kind of Projects Require Excavation?

Residential, municipal, and commercial projects require excavation. Some examples include driveways, parking lots, swimming pools, loading docks, roadways, landscaping, asphalt services, home additions, and much more.

Excavation is an essential beginning for many construction projects and lays a solid foundation for what’s to come.

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