The foundation of a building is crucial to its integrity; without a proper foundation, the rest of the structure lacks necessary support. The same is true of a parking lot or any other permanent structure. But it goes back another step because an appropriate foundation requires proper excavation from a Calgary company. Excavation prepares the site for the foundation and structure that follow. Prepare for this important step in the following ways.

Inspect the Site for Calgary Paving

Preparation begins by inspecting the site with an asphalt paving company. They’ll assess the scope of the work, site access and working space, machinery needed for the job, and movement of materials.

Locate Utilities before Excavation

Determining the location of utilities is also important before excavation. Hitting buried gas, oil, or other utility lines causes big problems and delays, so be sure to find out if there are any lines on the site and identify them clearly.

Test the Soil with an Asphalt Paving Company

The density of the soil impacts how well it absorbs moisture and can carry a load. Testing the soil provides information on its suitability. If the ground is unsuitable for the desired construction or paving, soil improvements must take place before continuing the project.

Clear the Site for Excavation In Calgary

Trees, shrubs, and any existing structures must be removed from the site before excavation companies in Calgary can begin excavating. The cleared material should be removed from the site.

Survey the Site with Excavation Companies Calgary

Surveying transforms plans on paper into physical representations of the plans on the ground. This gives excavation companies in Calgary precise measurements showing where the construction will take place.

Whatever your next paving or building project may be, preparing for excavation gives you a strong beginning for a proper foundation and construction. Use these steps to get ready for excavation.

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