The winter season can cause a lot of damage to your asphalt pavement. The problem is caused by the freeze and thaw cycle which expands the surface of the asphalt. To prevent costly repaving projects, here are some tips to protect your asphalt.

1. Fill Any Cracks and Potholes

The snow and ice that melts can get into the cracks and potholes in your asphalt. When the water freezes, it can make the cracks and potholes worse. To prevent this from happening altogether, you want to hire an asphalt paving company to repair the damage to your asphalt. It’s a simple fix that prevents extensive damage.

2. Add Seal Coating for Protection

Seal coating is best done during the spring or summer. But if there are a few days available where there will be plenty of warm sunlight and no rain, then you still have the opportunity to add seal coating. This adds another layer of protection for your asphalt. Make sure you read the instructions to see what conditions the sealant needs to be used under.


3. Clear Out Debris

It’s important to clear our debris on a regular basis. It’s especially important right before a snowstorm. The reason why is because debris can get stuck on your asphalt as the temperatures fluctuate. This creates imperfections and cracks throughout the process. If you’ve cleared everything out in the morning, it also helps to double-check before nighttime. The reason why is because wind can often blow debris back on to your asphalt.

4. Clear Out the Snow

If you hired an asphalt paving company for professional repairs, then it only makes sense to hire a professional to remove the snow. If you need to clear out snow in a place of business, you want to hire a snow removal company that is professional. They should take proper measures to minimize damage. Many companies end up scraping up the asphalt which causes excess damage.

5. Use the Right De-icing Product

Your first instinct might be to use de-icer to help you clear out the snow. However, many de-icing products contain chemicals that can damage your asphalt over time. Make sure that you look for de-icers specifically for driveways. They do not contain the same harmful chemicals as regular de-icing products.

The bottom line is that if you want to extend the life of your asphalt, you need to take the right measures to protect your asphalt in the winter. This is when your asphalt is the most vulnerable.

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