Calgary paving and hiring asphalt contractors

Anytime you make alterations to your home, you’ll want to place such responsibilities in competent hands who will make the areas of your property look their best. This doesn’t exclude your asphalt installations from your landscaping. Because your yard and driveway are one of the first areas that any passerby notices, you’ll want to make sure that your landscaping is in quality condition. It is advisable to hire an asphalt contractor to complete your Calgary paving project on your property to achieve this. Whether you’re installing new paving for your driveway, walkway, or patio, an asphalt contractor will guide you through this project with ease and efficiency if you find the right one. 

Determine how you can find the right asphalt paving contractor for your home and what exactly you should look for in a contractor when you begin your search. 

Get several quotes

When you want to start your paving project, you should seek several quotes from different contractors instead of just sticking to one. Typically, getting at least three quotes is recommended, so you can compare and contrast the prices, warranty, and what will be included within the project. After you have an initial conversation with the contractors upon getting the quotes, you can choose which contractor you like best. Most importantly, select a contractor that aligns with your budget. 


For any home improvement project, it is safe to say that the reputation of a team handling the intricacies of your abode should have a good reputation. You can begin to gauge the reputation of a contractor you’re interested in working with by simply asking around in your community. Find out from friends, family, and co-workers if they have heard anything, positive or negative, about the contractor you want to hire. You can also glean what people say about a certain contractor by using online resources and checking out the reviews that old customers have left. More so, you can search the business at the Better Business Bureau and see how they have handled past disputes and clients. 

An asphalt worker measuring a driveway during installation


The experience of any given asphalt company is paramount when deciding who to hire. You’ll want a contractor with extensive experience in paving asphalt onto other driveways to ensure everything will go smoothly and the installation will endure for a long time. You should ask your chosen contractor how many years they’ve been in business, request to see their past work, and the training of their team. 

Insurance coverage

Most contractors should have at least a minimum of insurance coverage that will protect you and your property in case an accident should occur. Before you definitively hire a contractor, you should ascertain if their insurance coverage will cover the team they bring to your property to install asphalt. In general, you should hire an asphalt contractor who has workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. 

Materials and tools

The contractor you hire should already be equipped with the tools to remove old asphalt and install a new coat of asphalt. You might want to check out these tools for yourself to ensure that they’re in good working condition and will do the quality Calgary paving job you need for your property. 

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If you want to repair your driveway or completely upgrade it, you will most likely choose between a paving method using asphalt or concrete. Both these materials are durable options that will improve the look of your driveway, but they also differ in terms of installation, maintenance, sustainability, and price. 

Before you decide on what material you want to use in paving your driveway, find out how both concrete and asphalt compare in varied ways and which one would work best for your driveway.

Installation and paving

Installing concrete takes about seven days to finalize and cure, and waiting a week to drive a vehicle over it is necessary so as not to ruin the installation and the wet concrete mixture. On the other hand, asphalt can be driven on as soon as you install it and will take only two days for it to dry completely.


When you begin to contemplate asphalt to be placed on your driveway, you should take into account that asphalt needs to be sealed a year after installation and again every five years. Sealing your asphalt driveway will ensure the material’s longevity and durability, and neglecting to do this step will result in your asphalt wearing in a shorter length of time. Homeowners who want to cut costs can seal their asphalt themselves without the help of professionals. 

Concrete also needs to be sealed, but not as much as asphalt. Sealing concrete will amplify its look and helps maintain it for long-term use. And like sealing asphalt, applying a seal on concrete can be done without professional assistance. 


Both asphalt and concrete will begin to crack and deteriorate after some time, and sometimes repairs are necessary. If properly sealed and maintained, concrete can last homeowners up to 50 years, and asphalt remains intact for at least 30. 


Asphalt is best used in climates that aren’t so exposed to the heat. When the weather reaches a certain temperature, asphalt can become viscous, and the material will easily get stuck on your shoes, hands, tires, and on anything that comes into contact with it. Because of asphalt’s inability to stay undamaged in scorching heat, concrete would work best in places that often see the temperatures increase. In frigid temperatures, concrete is often too prone to cracks. 

Concrete and asphalt are both deemed somewhat environmentally friendly as they consist of recyclable materials. Because concrete lasts for such a long time, it reduces waste. While asphalt requires 20% more energy to produce than other materials, it also utilizes petroleum products and can actually release oils when warm. 


Asphalt tends to be cheaper to use, costing about $2-$5 per square foot. Concrete can be double the prices of asphalt and can cost $4-$10 per square foot–yet this is still relatively inexpensive. Finishes and maintenance will increase the price of the total cost of installation, particularly with asphalt that needs to be resurfaced and sealed every five years for upkeep. 

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The average cost to pave a driveway is influenced by a number of factors, not the least of which is your selection of a Calgary paving company. Other factors include the size of the project, the type of asphalt paving, and the requirements of the project.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Calgary Paving


The size of the project will play a big role in your Calgary paving project, especially for driveways. Driveways come in all shapes and sizes in Calgary, and yours will fall into a bracket of associated costs. Therefore, understanding the size of your driveway can play a significant role in determining the costs and making informed hiring decisions. 

Type of Asphalt Paving

The type of your Calgary paving material will also have an impact on the cost. You can choose the cheapest option offered by your paving company of choice, but this will likely lead to a shorter term of life and an increased likelihood of potential issues. Therefore, knowing your options beforehand, and speaking candidly with your paving company will ensure a successful project that stands the test of time.

Project Requirements

Another factor influencing the cost of paving your driveway is the project requirements. Yes, it may seem straightforward to you that the only part of your project is paving the driveway. However, some people wish to add additional items to the project, which might include things like paving stones to your backyard, repouring the steps up to your house, or a custom design or finish for your driveway. 

Blacktop Paving Road with Slipform Paver

Make sure that you understand the possibilities that your driveway paving holds so that you can take full advantage of the situation. Again, speaking with your paving company of choice is an effective way to supplement your options and will offer you an accurate list of opportunities.

The Average Cost of Driveway Paving

While all of the factors listed above will play an essential role in the final price of your driveway paving, there are some standards that you can use as a baseline. For instance, the average cost of asphalt paving generally ranges from $1000 – $8000 for a two-car paving space. Particularly, the price of a two-car driveway is $3,600, but in addition to the factors listed above, your specific location and city will play a role in the cost. Happy paving hunting, and enjoy the search!

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected].

Filling asphalt cracks can be a great method to repair your driveway or parking lot, without investing the time and money into replacing the entire area. In fact, this is probably the best indication of how filling cracks can save you money but there are more reasons it can save you money than you may think.

Crafting and ordering asphalt repairs in Calgary is not such a difficult task, and as long as you know experts who you can trust, the process is, in fact, almost painless. 

Reduce Repair Time with Asphalt Repairs 

Filling your asphalt cracks requires a proper preparation method. First, the crack should be cleaned of any unnecessary debris or material, and then a special crack filler must be heated so that it will pour at the right consistency. Next, the material is applied into the crack and smoothed out to lay even with the surface, and it is then time to wait for an appropriate cure. 

Worker grading hot asphalt with a rake

This process may sound straightforward, but asphalt repairs in Calgary often neglect certain steps and the repair is left incomplete. This can be very burdensome because when cracks are neglected, water will filter through them, or worse, sit inside the inner layer of the asphalt. When this occurs it can be disastrous because the water will begin to erode the asphalt, and left untreated, the crack will widen and eventually form a pothole. 

While potholes can also be repaired through a similar process, they will be much more time and labor intensive, which will increase the repair time and ultimately cost more to fix.

Small Asphalt Repairs Pay Big Dividends

Repairing small asphalt inconsistencies is actually a very helpful action for the integrity of your roads. This is due to the fact that maintaining the integrity of the asphalt from the outset will prevent issues from growing in size and requiring major repairs.

This is the key reason to seek out asphalt repairs in Calgary as soon as you are able. Preventing cracks and repairing them quickly will be instrumental in maintaining your driveway or parking lot, and visitors will appreciate the effort you put in to maintaining your property’s assets.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected]

Most experts agree that the first-world west is only enjoying its status today as an advanced society due to one factor above all others: The Industrial Revolution. No one disputes this. However, what many people overlook with a nation like Canada’s industrialization is what really made it happen. Trucks weren’t delivering goods without roads, so the paving had to come first. There is perhaps no more important part in modern infrastructure than paved roads.

 All sorts of things still need to be paved today, and there are many out there right now looking for the best asphalt paving companies in Calgary, to address their particular needs. Though it’s not only important to find a quality company whose professionalism ensures a solid, long-lasting job; it’s also important in these economic times to find something that’s affordable. So, let’s talk a bit about how much paving jobs typically cost. 

Asphalt Paving Calgary

What You Can Expect to Pay for Asphalt Paving In Calgary

 To get right down to it, the average asphalt paving costs in Calgary run from $4 to $7 (CAD) per square meter. This is generally the cost of having the asphalt laid down, pressed and smoothed with a roller, and then sealed. However, these are just average costs and generally include jobs that only require paving. 

 What we mean here, for instance, is that if old paving has to be torn up, or there needs to be any sort of special grading, these costs are going to be factored in, and it’s going to go beyond that average price for square meter of paving materials. The paving alone can be a very labor intensive job, as people have to shovel and rake the hot substance before it’s rolled into place. Add onto that further preparation and/or demolition, and the price can begin to get pretty steep. 

 With the best asphalt paving companies in Calgary has to offer, however, the good news is that their rates are still very competitive, so there’s no worrying about hidden charges or obscene gouging rates. They will offer you a free quote, so you’ll never be taken by surprise. Just use the average square meter rates to help you understand how to budget. 

Types of Asphalt Paving in Calgary Jobs 

 Paving costs may also depend on the sort of work you need done. Some people need driveway sealing jobs, while some small businesses might want their parking lots paved. There are all sorts of jobs, and each one will carry with it a different cost. 

 The best thing you can do is to find a reputable service and to get a quote on a potential job.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected].

Asphalt is a very common surface for roads. Its distinctive black surface is memorable for most people. However, while everyone can recognize asphalt, most of them do not really know what it is. Asphalt is specifically designed as a paving material, and it is made from a mixture of cement, sand and crushed rock. The mixture is heated. While it is still steaming, it is poured out for its intended use in roads and infrastructure. There are many reasons why asphalt is the perfect choice for such uses.

Asphalt Is One Of The Safest Options For Paving In Calgary

One reason why asphalt is ideal for Calgary paving is safety. When set properly, asphalt surfaces are incredibly smooth. This means that the road’s surface is perfect for driving. On asphalt, the wheels enjoy superior contact with the road. This gives cars more maneuverability while on the road with less risk of losing control. Moreover, specially prepared asphalt can also be safer during rainstorms. The smooth surface minimizes the spray of water during wet weather. This means that asphalt roadways provide added safety in dangerous weather conditions.

Road Paving Construction on Residential Street

Asphalt Is A Very Affordable Choice For Building

Another reason asphalt is preferred for Calgary paving is cost. The cost of maintaining roads and infrastructure is significant. It is also a continual expense. Infrastructure is constantly being used, which means that repairs and updates are ongoing. With this kind of cost, it is important to select materials that can save money. Asphalt can offer this kind of savings. Compared to pure concrete, asphalt is significantly cheaper. Asphalt is also easier to use for small fixes and repairs. This means that asphalt can be used to patch roadways, which can give the road more time before major renovations must be done.

Asphalt Is A Good Choice For The Environment

Another way asphalt can improve roads and infrastructure is through its sustainability. Asphalt is environmentally friendly. This is mostly due to the fact that it is a sustainable building material. In fact, asphalt production even relies heavily on recycling, which means that old asphalt can be transformed into new road materials. Asphalt also helps cars operate more efficiently. Because asphalt produces a smooth surface, cars experience less friction while driving. This gives them better mileage, which can reduce their overall energy consumption. Clearly, asphalt is an excellent option for sustainable, efficient paving and infrastructure in Calgary.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected]a.

Asphalt is a common choice for driveways and parking lots, and while it requires little maintenance, it can develop cracks over time. Repairing these cracks promptly helps prevent further damage and keeps your asphalt in good condition. 

Use these steps to re-fill cracked asphalt paving.

Preparation and Excavation

The affected area must be clean and smooth for the patching material to adhere, so begin by preparing the area. For most cracks, this is a relatively simple task. Use a hammer and chisel to rid the crack of any broken pieces of asphalt, then use a wire brush to remove dirt and debris. Finally, use a shop vac or compressed air gun to completely remove all small particles and loose debris. If your asphalt is badly cracked, consider excavation in Calgary to remove the material and provide a clean base for new paving.

Calgary paving

Fix Small Cracks

Cracks less than ½ inch can be filled using a rubberized asphalt-emulsion. Use a caulking gun or pour the filler into small cracks, taking care not to get any on unaffected areas where it can stain. Smooth the filler using a trowel or putty knife, and let it dry according to the package directions.

Fill Larger Cracks

For larger cracks, use small, crushed gravel to fill the crack. Compact the gravel, then repair the crack with a cold process asphalt repair compound. Compact the compound, and repeat as necessary to achieve an even surface. Allow to dry according to product directions.

Seal the Asphalt with a Paving Company

Once the asphalt is repaired, consider having a paving company seal it for you. This provides additional protection to help reduce the water damage that often causes cracks to form.

Filling cracks is a relatively simple, but important, task. A paving company can help you with crack filling or any of the other tasks related to asphalt, from excavation in Calgary to sealing.

Economy Paving is your trusted Calgary paving project partner. Working with municipal, commercial and residential customers, we provide complete solutions for driveways & parking lots, roadways, infrastructure projects, and more. If you’re searching for reliable Calgary concrete contractors, call us at 403-278-7727 or email us at [email protected].