Popular home concrete designs and asphalt paving companies

Sprucing up the exterior of your home and property is essential to maintain your interior. One way to do this is to adopt concrete designs that will become compelling features outside your home. These features will improve the attractiveness of your property and can bring new life to an otherwise dull slab of concrete you might have installed. Whether you have assistance from experienced asphalt paving companies or you want to try to do it yourself, implementing a concrete design will be a conducive way to increase curb appeal and a creative way to improve the exterior of your property in any area. 

Find out the most popular concrete ideas that will improve the look of your home and how you can implement them. 

Outdoor concrete furniture

As minimalism sweeps the trends, with contemporary celebrities incorporating a minimal appearance in the exterior and interior of their home, homeowners everywhere have become enthralled with this complimentary design. One way you can keep up with this trend is by placing concrete furniture outside. Monochromatic furniture can consist of chairs, tables, and coffee tables that look sleek and impervious to the various weather extremities outside. 

Poolside designs

Poolside designs will make your pool installation seem larger, look much less plain, and makes the pool an even more compelling feature than it already is. Creating a border using concrete, particularly when utilizing a darker hue of concrete, is a very accessible project that many homeowners can do themselves without too much trouble. Such a design will make your pool look much more established and will become an asset to your backyard. 

Slate and brick walkways 

Make your home pop with colour and originality with the use of slate and brick walkways on your property. These walkways can be customized by colour and texture to your liking and will be tailored to the overall aesthetic you have curated in and outside of your home. These concrete walkways will become a beautiful addition to your home, where guests and households alike can safely walk on this concrete feature to get to your cozy abode. 

Stamped Concrete Sidewalk

Stone patios 

No home addition is better to have in the summer than a patio, and if you want to save money while also creating an attractive home addition, then using concrete is your best route. As an alternative to more expensive materials often used to create an outdoor space, like wood, concrete will prove to be a sturdy addition to your home as a patio that will be perfect to use when the weather begins to warm up. 


Concrete countertops, whether for inside your home within the bathroom or kitchen area or for an outside bar, have grown in popularity in recent years. Because concrete can be sealed in customizable colours, is extremely durable, and is water-proof, many homeowners opt to get concrete countertops installed, effectively enhancing a home in the interior and exterior. 

Concrete construction 

While many concrete designs are simple and minuscule features that can be easily added to the home, a newer and innovative idea has emerged, which is to build a home entirely made from concrete. These homes have many benefits that homeowners often seek, including reliable durability, affordability, and an innate ability to heat and cool the interior with ease. You can inquire about this type of construction with your asphalt paving companies. 

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