While a cracked seal on your asphalt may seem like it’s something you can ignore, there are many possible consequences that comes out of neglecting the problem. You have to be on top of the cracks as it can lead to bigger problems over time. Here is a general idea of what will happen if the cracks are not fixed up right away.

The Surface Will Form Alligator Cracks

The most common thing that occurs with cracked asphalt is that it spreads into smaller cracks called alligator cracks. It looks like a spiderweb of cracks that can stretch out into larger cracks. And if these cracks aren’t repaired, the same thing will continue to happen. What happens is that regular traffic starts to apply pressure on these cracks and wear away at it until it gets worse.

The Base Can Start Degrading

Another problem that cracked asphalt will cause is base degradation. Eventually, water will seep into the crack and start applying pressure from underneath. This will result in the asphalt becoming lumpy on the surface. This is what you commonly experience in many store driveways where a crack hasn’t been fixed, and the surface has started becoming bumpy to drive through.

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Potholes Will Start Forming

Finally, the cracks will eventually lead to potholes. This is a lot more expensive to repair than simple breaks. You’ll have to dig everything out and fill the hole through multiple steps. It can be a tedious process if you do it yourself. Not fixing it up will result in a pothole forming soon after the repair. Most people end up hiring a professional to ensure that the pothole is fixed and smoothed over properly.

The main point is that you do not want to neglect a cracked seal. A small problem can quickly turn into a big one if you let the crack linger for an extended period of time. There are many crack fillers that can be effective against small cracks. They tend to last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the conditions your asphalt is exposed to.

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