Hydro excavation is a service that first gained popularity in the Canadian oil and gas industry. In this industry, the need for digging into the earth often ran into problems because of the colder climate. As a result, drilling operations often had to pause or bring in extra workers.

However, eventually, the method of excavating using heated water came into play. This method had a profound effect on the industry. The companies could now dig much deeper and quicker without assuming an excessive cost burden. But how does hydro excavation in Calgary actually work?

The Process of Calgary Hydro Excavation

The Equipment

Usually, hydro excavation requires specialized equipment. This equipment is on a mobile vehicle with a large holding tank for the water. The equipment consists of hoses, pressure tips, compressors, and more. 

The Process

Once the equipment arrives and is in position, the technician will go to the area requiring excavation. There, they will release a stream of high-pressure water that quickly churns up the earth and allows for greater depth. Once they have dug far enough or the area is too messy, they will bring in a suction tool to remove debris. This process repeats itself until they excavate to the right depth. 

The Results

The results of hydro excavation are quite significant. Job sites requiring excavation manage to complete their work much sooner. Further, the cleanup of the spent material is easier with the suction-collection tank combination. Ultimately, the process of hydro excavation in Calgary improves efficiency for a variety of industries such as oil and gas, utility burial, underground facilities, and much more.


Where to Find Hydro Excavation

Most of the time, you will have to represent a company to work with a hydro excavation company. Indeed, while the price is lower than traditional excavation methods, it is still not so cheap that individuals can afford the cost, regularly. 

However, many companies offer these services and coupled with the right research, sourcing a company should not be a difficult task. Remember to make necessary inquiries prior to the establishment of a contract for optimal results.

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