Paving Companies in Calgary and Sealing your Driveway 

While you might be tending to a slew of priorities concerning your home, whether the exterior or interior, it’s important to stay diligent when it comes to your driveway. Although it is easy to forget about driveway maintenance, it plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of any household. Because a driveway consistently withstands weather extremities, a bundle of cars driving over it, and comes into contact with its fair share of shovels during the winter, it can sustain damage and eventually begin to wear and tear. Sealing your driveway is essential to ensure it stays in adequate condition and to prevent any damages from inflicting any vehicle that maneuvers over the driveway.  When you’re unsure of how to go about sealing your driveway, you can always contact your local paving companies in Calgary for any needed assistance. 

Find out when you should seal your driveway, the best time of year to do so, and how often you should reseal it for property maintenance purposes.

When to reseal a recently installed driveway

If your recently installed driveway the past few years is already damaged and needs repairs, and you want to avoid paying for a new installation, resealing is a great and effective alternative. The cost to seal a driveway can cost anywhere between $400 to $1000 per square foot and is an inexpensive method to protect the state of your driveway. Although it is not recommended to seal a driveway that has just been installed within hours and months as it can actually do more harm than good as the driveway may not yet be hardened, you can start to seal the driveway after three to nine months of its original installation. 

Home with newly sealed driveway

Resealing older asphalt 

Although sealing a driveway is usually completed months after installation, it is never too late to apply sealing onto your older asphalt driveway that has sustained visible damage. It is recommended you reseal your driveway every two to five years. You should wash away any debris off your driveway before starting to seal the driveway and tend to cracks and any unevenness. Avoid sealing on rainy days as it will wash away the sealing on the driveway, and be diligent in looking at the forecast of the week you want to seal the driveway. 

Time of year

When you begin to contemplate sealing your driveway for the first time to secure it for a longer period of time, you should factor in the time of year you plan to seal the driveway. Avoid the sealing process during months that are typically wetter, such as winter and spring, and aim to apply your sealant when it is 12 degrees Celsius. If the forecast estimates that rain is imminent, discontinue sealing and wait for a dryer week to complete this task. Typically, it is best to seal your driveway from May to October and avoid making contact with the freshly applied seal for at least 12 days. 


Secure and protect your driveway by installing a sealing onto the asphalt to ensure it is maintained. Sealing your driveway can be done three months after the initial installation and should be resealed every two to five years between May and October. By contacting any local paving companies in Calgary, you can ascertain the information you need to seal your driveway during the optimal seasons and times.

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